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PROSARIS Solutions

Finding leaks is only part of the action needed to support environmentally responsible operations, to safeguard personnel and the public, and to operate efficiently with both capital and operating expenses considered. An effective solution is required to bring all of these components together.

That’s why Prosaris offers a unique solution, supporting you with your complete lifecycle management of leaks. The OL series works with your Android device and the Prosaris Leak Management app to effectively detect the very small leaks costing your business money. Our innovative design means we can locate and, by locking onto the noise source of an air or gas leak, overcome challenges to accurate leak quantification. However, the OL series device itself is just the first component in our larger solution.

Prosaris delivers significant value by providing a robust solution that:

  • Records leaks and associated data
  • Enables leak data analysis and assessment
  • Supports leak remediation management and correction

Features and Benefits


The Prosaris OL series delivers the functionality and detection capability you expect, alongside new and improved features, all in a cost-effective package. The OL series can function in all weather conditions, making it rugged and ready for the demands of industry.


Just download the Prosaris Leak Management app and connect the OL series via cable to any Android device to start detecting air or other gas leaks. For a customized experience, link the app to your internal data management system to record and analyze leak event data, as well as support maintenance requests and corrective actions.


The Prosaris Leak Management app provides a record of events with device and user-provided data that can efficiently and effectively support emissions monitoring activities and requirements.


Designed to be intuitive, the OL series requires no special training. All instruction and direction are provided by the OL series and the Prosaris app, from the very start of detection to the final submission of a leak event record.


No more bulky headphones and sweeping for an air or other gas leak. Using innovative ultrasonic technology, the Prosaris OL series quickly analyzes the area, detects the leak, and visually guides the user to the leak for further action, all within a few seconds. The OL series can detect the smallest of air and gas leaks (approximately 8.5g/hr for air).


Small and light enough to be clipped to a belt and fit on the back of an existing Android device. The OL series eliminates the need to carry large, bulky equipment to find and assess leaks, meaning less operator fatigue and more accessible detection. The OL series makes effective and efficient leak detection, location, and management available to all.

These are just a few ways the Prosaris approach to leak lifecycle management can help you form a complete leak solution. And we will continue to look for more opportunities.

Industry Solutions

The Prosaris solution is a must-have, innovative technology with wide-ranging industry applications. The Prosaris suite of products allows organizations to be more efficient by saving time and decreasing production loss. Industries that are best served by the OL and HL series include:

  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Medical Service Providers
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • HVAC
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Rail and Cargo
  • Shipping and Marine

…And all consumers of compressed air.

Seeking Innovation?

We develop applications that provide immediate and direct value to our customers. Help us develop what is most important to you by suggesting solutions that address your most pressing challenges.

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