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Prosaris Smart Leak Tags

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Simplify Leak Repair with Smart Leak Tags!
Gain a complete closure of the Leak Lifecycle Management with Prosaris Smart Leak Tags. The cutting-edge NFC tags revolutionize leak management by providing real-time, actionable insights, making it easier than ever to identify, prioritize, and resolve leaks efficiently. Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming leak repairs - discover the power of Smart Leak Tags today!
Unique Leak tag #

NFC enabled Tag allows a link directly to the leak record of a Leak Tag #.
Leak Tag # and Field Tag will have connected unique ID.

Exclusive Access

Includes authorized and controlled access for all company and basic users under the structure of the Company or Super Company

    Prosaris Smart Leak Tags - Prosaris
    Prosaris Smart Leak Tags - Prosaris
    Prosaris Smart Leak Tags - Prosaris
    Prosaris Smart Leak Tags - Prosaris
    Prosaris Smart Leak Tags - Prosaris
    Prosaris Smart Leak Tags - Prosaris

    Technical Requirements

    Exclusive to Prosaris Memberships

    Company or Super Company subscriptions to Prosaris Smart Leak Management Platform required for Prosaris Smart tags and Custom Smart Tags


    Prosaris Leak Management is available in The Google Play Store.

    iOS (Apple)

    Currently Unavailable : Under development to support iOS devices for tag read and update leak data (Est. Sep 2023)


    "The OL1 is an excellent solution for leak detection and management. It's compact, powerful, and very easy to use.  I began finding leaks immediately, and it's part of our techs tool kit now…"

    Rodger Legault, Infrared, Ultrasound, Motion Amplification, Gas Leak Detection, Vibration Analysis Consultant – DigitalIR Technologies Inc

    "…the Prosaris enterprise leak lifecycle management software allows our internal decision makers to quantify losses and view leak records, reports, and analytics in real-time, so we can prioritize leak resolutions and task repairs accordingly…"

    Scott P. McInnis, Project Manager – McCain (foods)

    "The OL1 is a great value compressed air leak management solution, making it accessible to our team and also our customers.  It’s light and rugged, and our techs find it extremely easy to use.  The biggest value we see is in the cloud based Prosaris dashboard and reports. This software is excellent for sharing leak analytics, quantifying losses, and managing the repair and resolution process."

    Jeff Wright, Compressed Air Specialist – Compressor Energy Services, New Hampshire