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Ultrasonic leak detection


Prosaris OL series, the new name in ultrasonic leak detection, provides a leak management solution for ordinary, non-hazardous locations.


The Prosaris HL series offers all of the features provided in the series and is intrinsically safe.


Detecting and quantifying air leaks is challenging:

  • Old technology can be inefficient
  • New technology can be expensive
  • Training requirements can be a barrier to adoption
  • Data that supports correction is rarely optimized

The Prosaris OL series is the next generation in ultrasonic leak detection and correction management. This affordable, turnkey solution:

  • Requires no special training to use
  • Effectively manages leak event data through your Android device (iOS compatibility is coming soon)
  • Intuitively guides users directly to air and gas leaks
  • Identifies dollar loss and supports quick resolution, saving your bottom line
Maintenance workers using Prosaris mobile app and detector to detect air and gas leaks

Prosaris Value


The advanced ultrasonic technology in the Prosaris OL series does more than just detect the leak; it also intuitively guides operators directly to it. The microphones used in the OL series are incredibly sensitive and durable, capable of detecting the smallest of air leaks in all weather conditions and the noisiest of environments.


Our intuitive design requires no special training, allowing operators to immediately start identifying air and gas leaks and reducing waste. This is enabled by the innovative connection between our OL series ultrasonic leak detection device, your Android tablet, and the Prosaris Leak Management app, keeping your personnel focused on their task and making ultrasonic leak detection technology more accessible.

Cost Effective

The OL series is packed with features to save your bottom line from wasteful air and gas leaks, returning your investment faster.

Leak Lifecycle Management

Quickly and easily detecting an air and gas leak is just the first step in effective leak management. It is only by efficiently and effectively using data that you can address the impact of energy loss and wasted efficiency. That is why we support you in complete leak lifecycle management.